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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Some of the key benefits of adding CroftgateUSA Assurance ceramic coating to your vehicle are:

  1. Provides protection, clarity, shine & coating hardness
  2. Much easier to keep your vehicle clean, as pretty much nothing sticks to it.
  3. Water sheets off the surface and rain beads up leaving virtually no water spots.
  4. Protects the surface from marring, light scratches and naturally acidic contaminants (like you get when driving through the car wash)
  5. Added protection from bird droppings & tree sap
  6. Protects surfaces from oxidation, UV rays and solvents
  7. Drives to a pencil hardness of 9H

Ceramic Coating with CroftgateUSA ASSURANCE

From show cars to everyday drivers; we can protect them all.

​Quick N Clean is the only certified installer of Assurance Ceramic Coating within several hundred miles!  Contact us today for more information.

What's Included

  1. Wash & Wax
  2. Clay to remove contaminates
  3. Minimum of Single Stage polish/paint correction (additional steps as necessary, at customer request-additional cost)
  4. Surface prep
  5. Ceramic application 
  6. Full exterior Wash & polymer sealer application
  7. Wheels & tires cleaned and dressed
  8. Exterior wash & inspection performed every 6 months for the first 2 years
  9. Full 2 year factory warranty provided by CroftgateUSA and administered by Quick N Clean Detailing

Prices starting at $700.00

Please contact us today for you personalized quote